‘Easter After Dark’ by Greenville Boys and Girls Club

Tylar Brown, Entertainment Editor

 Greenville’s Boys and Girls Club will be holding “Easter After Dark” March 26 at The Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum as a way to better the community for children and adults. 

Through a partnership with Greenville Parks and Recreation, their mission is to improve existing facilities while seeking different opportunities for future development. 

“We are always looking for different ways to improve the Boys and Girls Club. That’s why we take partnerships very seriously. Due to the community being small we try to get as much engagement as possible; therefore, any event we have is ‘go big or go home,’” J’kia George, program coordinator, said.

The purpose of the Parks and Recreations Department is to enrich the lives of individuals, families, intergenerational groups and the entire community through positive recreational experiences. 

“Our staff proactively engages in continuous improvement as offerings become outdated or underutilized, while collaborating with other service providers to achieve balanced availability of programs and facilities for our citizens,” said George. 

“Easter After Dark” is something that many parents look forward to each year. 

 “My favorite part of Easter was the Easter baskets because every year I got three baskets, one from my peers at school, my church and my mom. So, when I see on Facebook that the City of Greenville was having an Easter event for adults I was super excited and couldn’t wait to sign up,” Natalie Sanchez, a parent at the Boys and Girls Club, said.

This will be the second year the Boy and Girls Club takes on the “Easter After Dark” partnership. They couldn’t host one due to COVID-19.  This year’s event will also be in partnership with the City of Greenville. 

“This partnership is great, we wanted to partner with the City of Greenville to get more exposure to the parents. At our BGC facility we have lots of students whose parents are involved but we wanted the event to be bigger to raise money for the Boy and Girls Club to get better things at the facility. It made it even better when we reached out to The Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum to host this for us. They welcomed us with open arms,” George said.

Tickets are currently on sale. Go to The Audie Murphy Cotton Museum website at www.amacmuseum.com for more information.  If you have any questions or concerns contact George, at [email protected]