SGA passes Black History Month legislation

Brianna Patt, Managing Editor

In honor of Black History Month, the Student Government Association has passed legislation that will ensure that Black history will continue to be honored and celebrated. 

Introduced and authored by SGA President Jasmine Williams and passed Feb. 20, the Black History Month resolution has been in the works for quite some time, since Leslie Jaeger’s presidency 2019-2020. Williams stated that the resolution was designed around issues that African Americans students at Texas A&M University-Commerce experience. 

“The Black History Month Resolution was based on the problems that African American students here on campus were facing, in and out of the university,” Williams said. 

Williams stated that she hopes the legislation will offer students knowledge, empowerment and understanding. The resolution is not just focused on African Americans. It is designed to home in on the entire student population. 

According to Williams, the legislation will also be able to keep staff and administration accountable to celebrate as well as understand the students of Commerce. 

“With the resolution, it shows them, and I feel like it will empower them, to continue striving forward as being African American and strong,” Williams said. 

The resolution also asks to honor Jesse E. Moorland and Carter G. Woodson, considered the “Fathers of Black History Month.” Moorland and Woodson worked together to form the Association for the study of Negro Life and History as well as Negro History Week in 1915, which would later be known as Black History Month. The legislation also asks for inclusion of cultural programming to improve students’ knowledge of other communities. 

Though Williams stated that they will be working on something for Women’s History Month, she is not yet prepared to admit just what. 

Williams plans to continue with more efforts after the upcoming elections for SGA president, which she hopes to win.