Pave The Way

Daryl Brown, Staff Reporter

Zeta Tau chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated will be having an on-campus event in support of Black History Month called Pave The Way. 

The event was created for students to take part in writing with chalk, what they feel is significant to them about Black culture or images of powerful figures. 

The idea was created by fraternity member, Isiah Listenbee, who felt it was an inspirational event to end Black History Month by students leaving their marks with drawings and words of their choice. 

 “I created the flyer and placed Breonna Taylor on it, showing that if they wish to draw people who have fallen, they are more than welcome to,” Tony Roberson, graphic designer and member, said in support of the event.

The organization will be providing chalk and music for students at the event. 

Because of the significant weather event that took place a week prior to the scheduled date, the event has been postponed. Roberson says there will be updates given on the event and saying it should be taking place sometime in the month of March following many other events they have planned. It will still be located at Garvin Lake with the 2-5 p.m. time frame. COVID-19 restrictions will be enforced. For those who wish to participate, the event is open to the university and free of charge.

Roberson says there will be more events in the works and stay updated by following the fraternity’s social media via twitter at Commerce_Alphas.