ASA hosts “BLACKtalk”

Tylar Brown, Entertainment Editor

The Texas A&M University-Commerce African Student Association hosted the virtual event “BLACktalk” Feb. 17 for Black History Month. 

African Student Association is a campus organization that strives to create a culturally-enlightened community by promoting collaboration between African students and student bodies. 

  Black History Month is dedicated to acknowledging and empowering Black culture. 

Shardae Jackson, vice president, ASA, is a junior majoring in communication studies, who wanted to celebrate the accomplishments and accolades of their icons and educate not only students but faculty and staff about their history. 

   “BHM is a month dedicated to addressing and educating Black culture. ASA carries the same intent and purpose into each of our meetings and other encounters with students,” Jackson said.

“BLACKtalk” focused on shedding light on Black history, by providing a space to engage and educate through conversation about significant leaders as well as enlighten those who are interested in or who study African American history. 

  “For me, BHM was always a month that I looked forward to. It was a time where African Americans can be glorified and appreciated without outside criticism,” Nani Sabr, secretary, ASA, said.

ASA’s main focus for “BLACKtalk” was to educate its audience about the inherent differences that Black people face every day and for everyone to share their story as either a member or ally to the Black community.  

“ASA has helped me blossom into a leader and a businesswoman while capitalizing on my qualities as a social butterfly. It taught me more about my African culture and allowed me to create bonds and friendships that I will remember for the rest of my life,” Sabr said.

Jackson not only serves as an ASA officer but also serves many other roles in other organizations. She also serves as vice president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. 

Sabr serves as  community service committee chair member of Woman of G.O.L.D. 

Follow ASA on twitter @ASA_TAMUC or contact Nani Sabr at [email protected] or Shardae Jackson at [email protected] for more information.