Trout Bout Fishing In Greenville

Tylar Brown, Entertainment Editor

Greenville Parks and Recreation Center had their Trout Bout Fishing Event Feb. 27 from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

The recreation center planned several events for kids this month, but the winter storm created a setback. 

To replace the Valentine’s Day event, they decided to hold their third annual Trout Bout Derby fishing event, sponsored by Academy Sports and Outdoors. 

“The fishing event is something we’ve done since 2019. This event allows the kids to not just have fun with each other at the park but expand their knowledge on fishing! Unfortunately, due to Covid we were not able to do it last year and this year we were unsure. But with help from the Greenville Fire Department, we made it happen,” J’Kia George, program director, Boys and Girls Club, said. 

The community was very involved with this event. The fire department provided lunch and gave the students insight on what it’s like being a firefighter each day. 

“The goal for this event is to teach kids how to fish and expose them to nature. We are always trapped into playing video games or technology type games and to get a chance to learn different survival skills was a learning lesson not only for the children but faculty and staff as well,” George said. 

Greenville Parks and Recreation Center and the Boys and Girls Club are always looking for ways to improve and create more experiences like the fishing event to help children in the community experience life engaging things. 

“We make sure we hire staff that have a passion for working around kids because there are ups and downs being a role model and having people look up to you. Therefore, we are really strict during the hiring processes because we want to make sure that no child is left behind” George said. 

Parks and recreation worked jointly with the Boys and Girls Club to provide management of all operations such as Parks Maintenance, Recreation, Athletics, Golf Course and Cemetery Operations. 

The recreation center’s goal is to use partnerships to provide further attraction for community events to increase the participation from the community and attract out-of-town guests. 

“Our mission is to empower Greenville citizens through education and to take responsibility for enhancing our community environment,” Pam Vierus, recreation service manager, said. 

There will be more upcoming events throughout the school year. For more information visit the website or contact through email [email protected]