Life lessons three Texas A&M University-Commerce students learned in the pandemic

Huner Sharma , Writer

The global pandemic made three students of Texas A&M University-Commerce learn life lessons after experiencing changes in their lifestyle. 

Elizabeth Connelly is an online student at A&M-Commerce and the pandemic made her  realize that she took some parts of her daily life for granted and learned to cherish the little things  in life. 

“My family would go out for dinner each weekend, but due to the closing of most  restaurants, we learned to readjust and eat more at home,” Connelly said. 

Connelly feels better spending her time now as she has started to prioritize the important  things in her life and realized that she should pause and be grateful for what she has. 

Camille Carter, also an online student at A&M-Commerce, said the pandemic made her  realize to be grateful for what she has and that many people are disobedient when it comes to  following precautions to prevent the coronavirus disease. 

Carter said she realizes now that she would rather have in-person classes and not be  confined in her room. However, she said that she also realizes that online classes are for  precaution against Covid-19.  

“No one wants to attend a Zoom call every Monday at 9 a.m. It is weird to adjust to for  not only students but for professors as well,” Carter said. 

Carter feels that learning is much harder now and said that her peers feel the same. Carter  also said that the pandemic has humbled her in ways that she cannot completely explain. 

Mary Chavez is a student that takes online and in-person classes at A&M-Commerce and  the pandemic made her realize that one must keep their relationship with their family good. 

Chavez said she spends so much time with her family at her home that she learned that it  is crucial to be on good terms with everyone to enjoy and not get stressed out. She added that the  quality time she is getting to spend with her family helps in easing the pain of the global  pandemic. 

The three students said that they will always remember the life lessons they have learned  during this global pandemic.  

Chavez advised other students to “Keep family politics a top priority. You don’t need to  always like the family you’re quarantining with but relationships need to be civil so no one goes  crazy.”

Carter’s advice to other students was to “Buy a planner, it keeps you sane. The pandemic  has made a lot of free time for us which can leave us kind of disorganized or bored. I recommend  a planner and a hobby, it won’t hurt you if you learn something new and have things on your  agenda. It kinda gives you purpose.” 

Connelly added that students should “Take one thing at a time and be grateful for what  you have at this very moment. Life is too short, so make the most out of it.”