Honors College Takes a Stand in Fight to End Racism



Dr. Ray Green, dean, honors college, with former student Eddie Monroy

Hailey Byrd, Writer/Photographer

Amidst the chaos and hate in the world, Texas A&M University-Commerce honors college has announced they are in the fight to end racism. 

Dr. Ray Green, dean, honors college, sent out an email on Oct. 6, to his students stating that the honors college stands against racism and he hopes the honors college community will play a role in that. 

Dr. Green mentioned that people can be sorted into three categories: racists, non-racists, and anti-racists. 

An anti-racist person is someone who acts against racism and works toward a more inclusive society. 

Non-racists are those who sit back and acknowledge there is racism but do nothing to stop it. 

Then there are racists, who discriminate based on color and stereotypes. 

In order to create a better community and world, people must break away from being just a non-racist and become anti-racist. 

Part of the university’s strategic plan is to create an inclusive community characterized by respect and collaboration. With the help of the students and staff of the honors college, the university is one step closer in winning the fight against racism.