Sista 2 Sista

Troy Stiggers, Writer

Sista 2 Sista is a living-learning community meant to empower, strengthen and grow Black women on campus.

According to the Sista 2 Sista Twitter page, the group began activities in 2018 and continues to provide a space for participants to be accepted for who they are.

S2S has assisted participants in transitioning into life at Texas A&M University-Commerce by having participants actively engage in activities on and around campus.

One of the focus areas of Sista 2 Sista, according to the Living Learning Communities web page, is community service which has included their Back to School drive for Commerce ISD in September with all donated items distributed to CISD students.

As stated on the LLC web page, the focus areas and core values of Sista 2 Sista emphasize character development, sisterhood, and cultural awareness.

The group also hosts events with the goal of uplifting Black women in society such as the annual Black Girl Magic which showcases some of the key focus areas of the organization.

S2S also focuses on developing leadership skills, developing skills to build meaningful relationships and assisting Black women reach their personal and professional goals through education, leadership and mentorship.

Members are expected to uphold a set of core values which include academic excellence in the classroom, a sense of sisterhood, cultural awareness and diversity in the community, respect and integrity as women as well as innovation, perseverance and commitment in all things.

Applications along with all requirements and participant responsibilities are available online at Sista 2 Sista First-Year Student Application.