Campus Recreation offers a variety of fitness classes

Laura Williams Crenshaw, Writer/Photographer

Campus Recreation is going to be offering classes in different kinds of fitness formats; strength, mind-body, dance and cardio throughout the semester and registration can be found on the IMLeagues page.

There will be classes added halfway through the semester so there are classes offered through the complete semester.

Classes will look somewhat different this fall semester and we will have to adapt. As students, we will have to meet capacity and distancing guidelines. Morris Rec Center has added virtual group fitness classes as well as live stream registrations. Anyone not comfortable coming to the rec center, can log in and work out that way.

Participants must register through IMLeagues prior to each of the classes, as there will be limited capacities on all our in-person classes to minimize the risk and spread of COVID-19.

  • Before the start of class please wait outside the Activity Room in the hallway six feet apart before checking in with the instructor.
  • In-person classes will have a maximum of nine participants per class.
  • Patrons will stay six feet apart inside their designated taped square on the floor in the activity room.
  • Equipment will be preset before class. Participants are asked to clean their equipment after use and leave it in the square after class is over.
    Photos by Campus Recreation

    Photos by Campus Recreation