TAMUC Launches Relationship Support Group

Brianna Patt, Senior Writer

Texas A&M University-Commerce has created a Relationship Support Group partnered with Women In Need.

According to Elisabet Martinez, victim outreach coordinator, the support group was inspired by conversations with Women in Need, Inc. about student needs. 

“Since April of 2020, Women in Need and the TAMUC office of Student Advocacy & Support have collaborated together to bring awareness to students, faculty, staff and the Commerce community,” Martinez said.

The support group will be focusing on a number of topics such as healthy relationships, domestic/dating violence issues, signs of abusive behavior and how to help those who are impacted by domestic/dating violence. Martinez stated the topics will be privy to changes based on the needs and views of the support group. These sessions are going to be hosted by Education Specialist Jeff Landers, Hunt County Education Specialist Tiffany Storms and Director of Legal Advocacy Hailey Nelson.

“I thought it would be amazing to collaborate and create a safe space for TAMUC students to not only have support from the experts but to find support among their peers,” Martinez said. 

The first meeting took place on Sept. 30 at 4 p.m. If you have any questions regarding the event, you can contact Victim Outreach Coordinator Eisabet Martinez at [email protected].

The support group has been in production since July, taking into account the necessary COVID-19 safety measures.  

WIN is an organization that provides support to families that are impacted by domestic violence in the Hunt and Rockwall county areas.