Safe Walk Program


Picture was taken by Sgt. Ballard

In the picture From left to right: -Armando Rodriguez; working on second bachelors in Equine Science. -Savannah Shaw; Freshman Elementary Education -Sgt. Ray Dittrich ; Community Engagement Sergeant -Elizabeth Gray; Junior Child & Family Studies -Megal Nathan; Freshmen Chemistry

Cydnee Drake, Writer

The Texas A&M University-Commerce police department has introduced Safe Walk, a new program for the safety of students and staff.

“Safe Walk is a way to give students, faculty and staff a peace of mind about their security while being on campus,” Ray Dittrich, Sgt. / Criminal Investigations, said. “This is an incredibly safe campus and I would let my kids go to school here.” 

Safe Walk service is available Sunday through Thursday 6-11:45 p.m. To request a Safe Walk, call UPD at 903-886-5868. 

“After the incident that happened in Feb., it gave people hesitation and fear about the perception of their safety,” Dittrich said. “The administration thought that the program would provide another layer of safety, and that is what this program gives with a tangible feel to it.”

Safety is an important tool, and should be for all universities. There wouldn’t be a campus life, if security wasn’t a main priority. A&M-Commerce cares about the lives of everyone on campus, and wants nothing but to bring the best for the safety of others.

For more information about Safe Walk contact Sgt. Dittrich.