Homerun Derby

Laura Williams Crenshaw, Writer/Photographer

The Intermural Department of Campus Recreation hosted a Homerun Derby Sept. 16 and 17 that was won by Camdyn Shaw in the women’s division and Austin Brooks in the men’s division.

The scoring used the following matrix: scoring was dependent upon where the ball landed with different point values given for different locations on the field.

Each batter was able to hit once per round. 

The derby was an individual sport, so there was not any contact between participants. Bats could be shared, but participants were encouraged to bring their own. To decrease the chance of contamination, one person served as the pitcher for each hitter. 

The tournament was held at the softball fields at the Cain Sports Complex. The Rec Center did not have access to a pitching machine, so each batter had to bring a pitcher.

Due to COVID-19, things had to be changed a little bit. Celebratory contact between any participants was not allowed. Masks were required for all participants and staff where six feet of distance could not be maintained.

Spectators were not allowed due to capacity limitations.

Campus Recreation
Campus Recreation