Soccer Shootout

Laura Williams Crenshaw, Writer/Photographer

There is going to be a Soccer Shootout at the Morris Rec Center MAC on Oct. 5.

Once you are registered, your team will be given a certain time to participate.

This tournament is going to be an open format. All the players will play in one division.

The deadline to register on IMLeagues is Oct. 1.

Points will be awarded to the different locations that the teams shoot from. There is also going to places inside the goal that will be worth different point values. The regulation nets at the MAC will be used.

Each round should take around 15 minutes. Rec Center employees will make sure the score is correctly taken.

Each team can have three members with two participating in each round. This will help if someone cannot be there on game night.

Intramural sports are a great way to get involved on campus and make friends.