COVID-19 and Mental Health

Brianna Patt, Senior Reporter

What impact has COVID-19 and the quarantine had on Texas A&MUniversity-Commerce students?

According to Tina Ya-Ting Yang, P.H.D, A&M-Commerce counseling center psychiatrist and licensed psychologist, COVID-19 has caused a drop in the mental health of students, much like most of America has experienced. 

Yang stated that part of the reason why COVID-19 has had such an effect on students is a combination of factors such as the loss of social interaction and the loss of the college experience. Yang also stressed the value of interaction while still distancing. 

“Knowing that we can still be socially connected through technology during these challenging times,” will enable students to remain “safe and healthy,” Yang said.

In terms of how people have reacted to COVID-19, she stated that COVID-19 is a very particular and unpredictable issue. She explained that part of the response to this virus is due to previous events.   

“People’s response toward uncertain situations can be impacted by their past experiences and how their nervous systems perceive threats,” Yang said.