The Newest Sport.. Soccer/Tennis

Laura Williams Crenshaw, Writer/Photographer

Soccer/tennis is a new intramural sport at Texas A&M University-Commerce that is a combination of both soccer and tennis and played on a tennis court according to Katie Thomas, assistant director for intramural & club sports for campus recreation. 

Each team will have two players on the court. The basic principle is the teams have to return the ball over the net using their feet, head or any body part besides their hands. Each team can touch the ball as many times as they want, but can only allow the ball to bounce one time on their side of the court. The game is played to 15 points. 

Anyone can play. TAMUC students, faculty and staff are all welcome, according to Thomas. Interested individuals should get their teams together. Include faculty and staff, they need to have fun also. Everyone needs a break about now.

There are currently no practice courts available but the tennis courts are open. Practice makes perfect.

Each team will get a minimum of four games over the course of two weeks.  This league is offered in an open format, all players will play in one division.  The deadline to register was Sept. 9.

Games will be played at the Cain Sports Complex at 2301 Hubbell Drive. 

Soccer/tennis was suggested to the intermural department by a student. Everyone with an idea should share it with the intermural department at [email protected] and maybe it will get chosen to be new sport.