University should reduce the number of face-to-face classes [Editorial]

John Parsons, Editor

The East Texan recommends that Texas A&M University-Commerce reduce the quantity of face-to-face classes and labs to those that can only be taught in person to improve the health and safety of everyone on campus.

There have been concerns about a spike in COVID-19 cases with students and staff returning to campus. Although a return to normality is what many people are wanting, slowing the spread and eventually bringing an end to this pandemic is more essential.

The university administration deserves recognition for their efforts in keeping students, faculty and staff updated regarding COVID-19 on the Stay Healthy Lions! webpage. The page states the health and safety of students, faculty and staff is a top priority.

According to the university’s webpage, there were 100 students reported as testing positive for COVID-19 as of the morning of Sept. 4. The same update reported 104 students and three employees in quarantine. These numbers were reported after nine days of classes.

Reducing the number of in person classes means there will not need to be as many faculty and staff on campus while maintaining our university’s levels of education and service.

A reduction in face-to-face classes does not mean the campus will be closed.

Derek Preas, director of Campus Operations and Safety, said the university and the campus will remain open as long as students are here.

The East Texan thinks the university residence halls should remain open for those students desiring or needing to remain on campus.

It is in the best interest of all students, faculty and staff to reduce the number of person to person encounters to the minimum by converting every possible class to online only and allowing employees to work remotely.