Morris Recreation Center offers a variety of activities

Laura Williams Crenshaw, Writer/Photographer

Morris Recreation Center held its annual Rec Fest to mark the beginning of fall 2020. 

Things were a little different, but informative. Groups were kept to 10 people, making it easier for people to maintain social distancing protocols.

Everyone was met by rec center employees who explained what to expect during a tour of the rec center. The first stop was intramurals. Drew McCullough, intramural sports official, explained the intramural sports that are available this semester. Everyone should try to participate in an intramural sport as it is a great way to meet people. You can register at

Texas A&M University-Commerce offers a great way to stay in shape and keep the freshman fifteen away. There are cardio workout equipment, free weights and individual work machines that can let a person work on a certain body part. There are fitness classes that are online, group fitness, individual classes and much more. Check out the information on the rec center Facebook page,

There are other ways to get in shape. TAMUC has bikes that you can rent for the semester and Outdoor Adventure will keep the bike maintained. This semester there will be Stand Up Paddle Board, Intro to Kayaking, and day trips that will include hiking, cycling and rock climbing. You can contact Outdoor Adventure on the website

Next on the tour was the aquatic center (Great OutRoars). There was information about the pool, the hours of operation and a reminder that you need to make a reservation before using the facilities. There are log rolling events coming. Information is visible on the Rec Center Facebook page.

Leaving the rec center tour, everyone had learned how to participate in everything the rec center offered. There is always something going on. Morris Rec Center is a great place to stay in shape and meet people. So, go by and enjoy yourself.